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TPJ Vol5 - Issue1
TPJ Vol5 - Issue1
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In This lssue [1/2020]
Maurizio Sabini

Architectural Portraits: 'The MIES Project'
Arina Dähnick

Wellbeing in the Built Environment: Designing Discontinuities Between Function and Semantic
Nicoletta Brancaccio, Davide Giacomo Maria Gattoni, Federico Niola, Stefano Rozzi

We are AII Counterinsurgents Now
Britt Eversole

American Mirror: The Occupation of the 'New World' and the Rise of Architecture as We Know lt
Fernando Luiz Lara

On the CIAM 7 Grid: From an ldeological to a Criticai Tool
Pierre-Alain Croset, Andrea Canclini

Musings on Boredom, Midcentury Architecture, and Public Spaces
Andreea Mihalache

A Lab fora New Civitas. An Innovative School in the Po Valley
Giorgio Adelmo Bertani, Francesca Vezzali

Waving the Magie Wand: An Argument tor Reorganizing the Aridlands around Watersheds
Danika Cooper

Landscape Lifecycles as a Speculative Design Research Practice for Transforming Waste Conditions
Catherine De Almeida

Disaster Planning Across Scales: Lessons from Post-Earthquake Rubble Management in Oaxaca, Mexico
Denì Lòpez, Michael Hooper

Reviews & Reports
Aldo Rossi: Representing Lite
Raffaella Neri

Giancarlo De Carlo. A Symposium
Sara Marini, Marko Pogacnik


Title THE PLAN Journal - Vol 5 - Issue 1
Publisher Gruppo Maggioli S.p.A.
Number of pages 284
Format 21x29 cm
Language English
Release 2020
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