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Five categories that include some of the best contributions from important architectural and interior design firms from around the world, created for the Perspective series of international forums, organized by The Plan. The Talks are an opportunity for the in-depth study and discussion of design through a multidisciplinary approach that focuses on international projects that set the standard for excellence in contemporary architecture and design.

Results: 107

Brandon Dake | The Plan

Brandon Dake

Audrey Matlock | The Plan

Audrey Matlock

Giovanni De Niederhäusern | The Plan

Giovanni De Niederhäusern

David Hotson | The Plan

David Hotson

Patrick Stremler | The Plan

Patrick Stremler

John Cetra | The Plan

John Cetra

Christian Rieser | The Plan

Christian Rieser

Marc Tsurumaki | The Plan

Marc Tsurumaki

Andrea Steele | The Plan

Andrea Steele

Rhoda Kennedy | The Plan

Rhoda Kennedy

Peter Coombe | The Plan

Peter Coombe

Lyn Rice | Astrid Lipka | The Plan

Lyn Rice | Astrid Lipka

Joel Sanders | The Plan

Joel Sanders

Vivian Lee | The Plan

Vivian Lee

Thomas Jacobs | The Plan

Thomas Jacobs

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