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Pratik Raval

Pratik helps lead Transsolar’s New York team and provides direction for high-comfort low-environmental impact design on a diverse range of projects. His organic style of design thinking and focus on creating human-centric solutions generate project-specific environmental concepts; and his strategic approach to communicating the new concepts helps them turn into reality. Many of his projects feature unprecedented sustainability solutions and are celebrated for their architectural integration - some examples are: Masterplan for Masdar city in UAE, a carbon-neutral zero-waste city; Peter Lewis Gateway Center at Oberlin College, first hotel in the US with heating and cooling with radiant panels; School of Business Administration at Portland State University, first completely passively cooled modern academic building in a major American city; Avasara Academy, a Net-zero Energy (NZE) boarding school campus in India. He is currently collaborating with Maya Lin Studio for renovation and expansion of the central library targeting NZE at Smith College, MA. Pratik frequently speaks at international conferences, has lectured at prestigious universities such as MIT and University of Pennsylvania, is a frequent studio critic at University of Columbia, and is an advisory board member of New York City College of Technology’s Department of Architectural Technology. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Computational Engineering. Before joining Transsolar, he worked at the Research and Technology Center of Daimler AG in Germany where he helped advance the use of Fuel Cells in automobile.

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