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Susan Good, Malcom Crayton, Keith Williams, Andrew Lawrence

AHMM makes buildings both satisfying and enjoyable to use, beautiful to look at and easy to understand. We design different buildings for different people to use in different ways. We believe in making places as well as buildings, that work over time and have lasting qualities intrinsic to their architecture.
For us, a project begins with a strategy that arises from understanding the fundamental drivers of a brief and the parameters, problems and opportunities it represents. It includes a richer definition of context as political, economic or social as well as architectural. We search for the chances to create good architecture in every site, budget and programme. We pursue a pragmatic, analytical and open working method that produces responsive, smart architecture. This clarity with which we work facilitates discussion between all parties, including clients, users, planners and contractors, and results in an aesthetic approach that is clear and logical. We innovate because we know that innovation is as much about finding simpler ways of doing things better as it is about finding new things to do.
Our work is also international, with overseas projects underway in Amsterdam, Ghana and Oklahoma City that feature commercial, retail, residential, amenity and educational elements.

FORMstudio aims to create places that can be inhabited and experienced by people in a natural and instinctive way. Enjoyable places with a tranquil sense of simplicity.
Individual solutions are developed for our clients; solutions with a lucidity and apparent simplicity which belie the complex matrix of issues that shape each project.
Listening, analysis, discussion and clarification are at the heart of an inclusive approach that recognises the fact that some of the best ideas are generated in the space between people rather than by individuals.

Founded in 2001, Keith Williams Architects is by reputation one of the UK’s leading architectural design practices with a body of work which incorporates a series of exceptional high profile award winning projects for clients in both the private and public sectors. The London based firm works in the UK and internationally across a broad range of projects including cultural, residential, commercial, and city masterplanning, and is a leading specialist designer of museum, gallery, library, civic and performing arts buildings.
His designs are governed by concerns for the interplay of space, light, form, functionality and material coupled with careful consideration for scale history and context. This results in highly crafted buildings that achieve a fine aesthetic balance between his contemporary, visionary designs and their contexts.
The firm’s work whilst centred chiefly in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, has encompassed design projects in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Dubai, France, Germany, Italy, Malaysia, Norway, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and Switzerland reflecting its founder’s belief that architecture is a truly international pursuit.
The firm has undertaken projects with values from £1 million to £300+ million.

Arup is a global firm of consulting engineers, able to provide a wide variety of design, planning and project management services across the world.
Our innovative and fully integrated approach, combined with our international knowledge network brings our full complement of skills and extensive expertise to bear on any given problem. We exert a significant influence on the built environment and are the creative force behind many of the world’s most innovative and sustainable designs. The firm has over 13,000 staff based in 91 offices in 37 countries, with over 12,000 projects running currently.
In the UK we are at the forefront of developing new transport systems like Crossrail or Heathrow Terminal 5, producing inspiring workplaces like Whitecollar Factory, and helping cities prepare for climate change. From sound investment decisions to innovative bridge designs, clients come to Arup for our creativity and technical excellence.

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