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Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia (AF517), formerly 5+1AA, was founded by Alfonso Femia and fellow travelers. Since 1995, they have explored the world and human relationships through architecture, dialogue and matter. Listening and searching are posited on the idea that the project is a medium for communication, prompting the creation of spaces and architecture that are part of “chronotopic” cities. The practice focuses on urban regeneration and major new-build projects in key Italian and Mediterranean cities. Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia (AF517) stays in touch with the construction world through constant collaboration with a range of companies in various sectors but also with the craft sector, confirming the importance of close exchange between all project players.

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THE PLAN Contract 5, the fifth special issue dedicated to the world of contract furniture and interior design, is out in September 2022 as a supplement in THE PLAN 140
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