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Volume Zero - Studio Transit
Volume Zero - Studio Transit
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Characteristics of the Book

The volume presents a selection of the most recent urban transformation and regeneration projects by the Rome-based architecture practice Studio Transit directed by Gianni Ascarelli, Roberto Becchetti, Manuela De Micheli, Alessandro Pistolesi and Sergio Vinci.The common feature of each project is zero cubic development, i.e. interventions that do not involve any volume increase compared to the initial situation. The projects illustrated give a full sense of the practice’s primary focus on the urban setting and the dynamic underpinning urban change. An introduction by Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi is followed by interviews with the architects looking at how the practice developed and the principles guiding their teamwork approach. Individual programmes are presented and illustrated with a written introduction, images, sketches and drawings. The overview provides a deep insight into Studio Transit’s approach and achievements, demonstrating how quality contemporary architecture is still possible today.

Subtitle: Studio Transit
Publisher: Edited and Designed by THE PLAN EDITIONS
Number of pages: 96
Format in cm: 24x32 cm
Number of illustrations / photographs in color and b/w: 170
Binding: Flexibound
ISBN: 978-88-85980-64-8
Language(s): Italian / English
Release: 2013
Price: Euro 25,00

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