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THEMA 1 - Technology and light for Architecture
THEMA 1 - Technology and light for Architecture
Printed Paper Version
39.00 €


Characteristics of the Book

The volume contains a selection of recent projects by various architects in collaboration with Thema, a specialist manufacturer and installer of doors and windows, glazing façades and solar systems.
19 projects ranging from new-build to renovation briefs are illustrated. Mainly located in Italy, they span the residential and tertiary sectors (manufacturing, commercial and hospitality). All have in common the successful search for customized solutions aimed at achieving high performance in terms of energy and lighting by combining technology and design.
Each project is presented with a descriptive text, pictures, sketches, drawings and a detailed explanation of Thema’s role in each case.
The volume is a valuable compendium of architectural solutions applied to both common and less frequent issues faced by designers engaged in new-build, renovation or recovery projects.

Title: THEMA 1
Subtitle: Technology and Lighting Solutions for Architecture
Publisher: Edited and designed by THE PLAN EDITIONS
Number of pages: 160
Format in cm: 24x30
Number of illustrations 200
Binding: hardcover with splicase
ISBN: 878-88-85980-65-5
Languages(s): Italian/English
Year of release: 2013
Price: Euro 39,00

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