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The Outsider 02
The Outsider 02
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The journey continues into the Euramax world: The Outsider 02 takes readers to Germany, to discover the exciting projects Euramax has recently been working on there.
The Outsider travels on to Germany. As well as providing info on Euramax, Issue 2 explores the country extensively through a selection of architectural works and off-the-beaten-track places to visit.

The Outsider is a journey into the world of architecture: in fact, a series of journeys as readers discover Euramax through the projects it has been involved in throughout Europe and around the world. The magazine is also a mini-guide to architecture, in each issue exploring a different geographical region. Alongside articles on Euramax’s products, readers discover each country’s latest, sometimes hidden and often unusual architectural innovations. Every journey begins with an interview of a famous architect working in that country.


Title The Outsider 02
Designed THE PLAN Art & Architecture Editions
Number of pages 50
Language English
Release December 2021

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