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The Outsider 01
The Outsider 01
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The Outsider 01 is the first issue of a magazine from Euramax, a world leader in coil coating: a journey into the world of architecture, exploring a different geographical area in each issue.

The Outsider 01 starts from Euramax’s “home”, the Netherlands, with the company’s products taking us to every corner of the country, from the major cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam to the northern coasts of Makkum.

In Amsterdam and Rotterdam we encounter not just well-known examples of great architecture, but crowdfunding and urban regeneration projects that are enlivening the architectural landscape of the Netherlands’ two largest cities.

The Outsider is a different kind of journey: one that explores the world of coil coating and its ability to add color to architecture, revealing Euramax, a unique company, and its desire to push the envelope.


Title The Outsider 01
Designed THE PLAN Art & Architecture Editions
Number of pages 50
Language English
Release September 2021

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