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Italian Panorama 2
Italian Panorama 2
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Characteristics of the Book

This journey into Italian architecture is an on-going enquiry into the diverse project typologies being developed, the degree of innovation and the way they mesh form with technical requirements. The book focuses on how the many aspects of Italian architecture developed by Italian architects working in Italy today deal with the layers of building history that have gone before. The works selected have been taken from the “Panorama Italiano” section ( and include urban and rural residences, public and cultural buildings, office and commercial blocks, social housing, and broader urban planning projects. All testify to the vitality of Italian architecture today.

Publisher Edited and Designed by: THE PLAN EDITIONS
Number of pages: 232
Format in cm: 23,5X21,7 cm
Number of illustrations / photographs in color and b/w: 320
Binding: Hardcover
Language(s) Italian / English
Release: January 2014
Price: Euro 39,00

Ateliermap, Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners, Arkpabi, Barreca & La Varra, Camerana & Partners, Caprioglio Associati, Marco Ciarlo Associati, Damilanostudio Architects, Diverserighestudio, Fontanatelier, Santo Giunta & Partners, Raimondo Guidacci, Gianni Ingardia Architetto, Ingenium Real Estate, Orazio La Monaca Architetto, Ada Mangano, Mcm, Mdu Architetti, Mfa Architects, Park Associati, Diego Peruzzo, Planprogetti, Loris Preto, Sardellini Marasca Architetti, Matteo Thun & Partners, Tissellistudioarchitetti, Giorgio Volpe Architetto

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