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Oficina Vidre Negre
Oficina Vidre Negre
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Characteristics of the Book

This book presents Vidre Negre’s office building of Duilio Damilano, setted amidst an uninspiring cluster of prefab factories and warehouses in the outlying industrial area of Cuneo, northeast Italy. 
The architectures of Duilio Damilano encompass three aspects: the symbolic, the sculptural, and the emotional. The symbolic dimension has to do with the fact that as well as functional containers, Damilano’s buildings often resemble organic beings. They exude a dynamic that is wholly sculptural. His buildings also never fail to strike an emotive chord in the viewer. Never introverted, they invite you in through unusual, often unexpected circulation routes.

Publisher: Edited and Designed by THE PLAN EDITIONS 
Number of pages: 96
Format in cm 27x28
Number of illustrations / photographs in color and b/w: 118
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN 978-88-85980-62-4 
Language(s): Italian / English
Year of release: 2012
Price: Euro 25,00

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