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"The project for the new Chapel dedicated to “Maria Salute degli Infermi” is a precious trove of thoughts, feelings, faith and hope. It has become a tangible reality thanks to an inspired series of coordinated acts by the many people and companies involved, from design through to construction, from initial sketches to technical drawings, things and systems made by workers and artisans, right through to the refurbishment and restoration of artworks from magnificent artists of yesteryear, which complete and enhance the entire Chapel."


Title:  Maria Salute degli Infermi - La Cappella / The Chapel DEAS Careggi - Firenze
Publisher: Edited and Designed by THE PLAN EDITIONS
Number of pages: 144
Format in cm 29,0x29,0 cm
ISBN: 8891633007
Language(s): Italian / English
Year of release: 2020

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