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La tecnologia delle costruzioni a secco
La tecnologia delle costruzioni a secco
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Dry Construction Technology: Materials and Systems to Give Form to Architecture is a supplement to THE PLAN 142 dedicated to Knauf Group products. This publication presents a series of case histories that demonstrate the potential of Knauf’s dry construction systems and the opportunities they offer architects when dealing with the key issues of constructing various types of buildings.

This publication is available in Italian.



Gruppo Knauf Innovazione, eccellenza e responsabilità

Sistemi costruttivi a secco Versatilità e leggerezza in architettura

Polo logistico Vimar Marostica, Vicenza Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia

Viale Giulini Affordable housing Barletta Alvisi Kirimoto

G-Factor Bologna diverserighestudio

Villa Due Pini Itri, Latina gambardellarchitetti

Palazzo Levante Cagliari Mei e Pilia Associati

Villa Fabiola Belpasso, Catania LineaT Studio


Title: La tecnologia delle costruzioni a secco
Designed: THE PLAN Art & Architecture Editions
Number of pages: 32
Language: Italian
Release: November 2022

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