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La forma della professione
La forma della professione
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La forma della professione tells the story of the partnership that led to the creation of this handbook of practice. It maps the complex path we followed to turn an idea into a reality, beginning with our background and values in educational architecture, and translating these elements into a new approach to organizing and using space.

Although educational architecture is already widely discussed from the perspective of teaching quality, we identified a need to develop an approach that centered more on the educational and organizational requirements specific to professional training centers (PTC), including as regards open teaching workshops and the centrality of people in educational planning.

The idea behind the publication is to offer a handbook that’s suitable for all PTCs and educational institutions that recognize themselves in our approach, and want to redesign or reorganize their spaces. Our focus on the practical has led to a two-pronged approach, whereby architecture is seen as the space of action for teaching.

This was a joint project that involved several PTCs from the Scuola Centrale Formazione network, architects from diverserighestudio, education experts, and various educational facilities, which became the subject of study and a pool for fruitful and varied comparison. Besides the core members of the work group, who played a key role in the creative-experiential and writing processes, two outside partners were brought in to write this volume to widen our vision to encompass other valuable experiences.


Title La forma della professione
Publisher Gruppo Maggioli S.p.A.
Designed THE PLAN Art & Architecture Editions
Number of pages 192
Format 24x23 cm
Binding Flexible cover
ISBN 8891656473
Language Italiano
Release March 2024
Price Euro 29,00

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