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From Waste to Energy - The Waste to heat plant in Bolzano
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Characteristics of the Book 

The volume looks at Bolzano’s new waste-to-heat plant, completed in 2013, designed to handle the waste of a whole province and supply district electricity and heating. The project is presented from several angles: the plant and its history; the architectural concept; contextualization; plant technology and functioning; communication issues with the resident population. The volume includes articles, pictures, concept sketches and architectural drawings, operational diagrams and explanatory technical sheets to give an exhaustive insight into the many elements that have to come together in such a complex undertaking.

Title: From Waste to Energy - The Waste-to-heat plant in Bolzano /
Energie aus abfall: Thermische Restmüllverwertungsanlage Bozen
Publisher: Edited and Designed by THE PLAN EDITIONS
Number of pages: 96
Format in cm: 27x28 cm
Number of illustrations / photographs in color and b/w: 160
Binding: Hardcover
Language(s): Italian / English / German
Release: April 2014
Price: Euro 25,00

Introduction, The History, From incinerators to energy recovery, The Architecture, The programme concept, The Building and the Landscape, Ugo Morelli, The complex, the buildings and the natural environment, The Plant - The Machine, How it works, A Teaching and Training Opportunity, Communicating the project.

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