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Dante Bini - The Autobiography of an Inventor
Dante Bini - The Autobiography of an Inventor
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Dante Bini’s autobiography recounts the life and work of this Modena architect and pioneer of automated construction systems based on physics and robotics. In the book, the visionary designer of Michelangelo Antonioni and Monica Vitti’s Dome in Sardinia explains his design philosophy and discusses his busy international career – a life dedicated to research and development in numerous fields, from new building materials and technologies to industrial design, and space research. The best known of Bini’s inventions is the Binishell system. Used in over 20 countries around the world, it involves using dynamic pneumatic formwork to create elliptical reinforced concrete structures, reducing both construction times and costs.

The book begins with a preface by Marco Imperadori, professor at the Department of Architecture, Construction Engineering, and the Built Environment at Politecnico di Milano. This is followed by an interview with Dante Bini by architect Mario Cucinella, founder of the MC A design studio, with offices in Bologna and Milan. The main body of the text describes the numerous construction systems patented by the Modena architect, and includes technical drawings and illustrations of many of the projects. The book is published in English with an Italian translation included as an appendix


Title Dante Bini - The Autobiography of an Inventor
Publisher Gruppo Maggioli S.p.A.
Designed THE PLAN Art & Architecture Editions
Number of pages 184
Format 24x30 cm
Binding Flexible cover
ISBN 8891667922
Language Italian/ English
Release December 2023
Price  Euro 29,00

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