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Real Estate Special Contest 2021

The includes 3 distinct categories listed below.
The same project can compete in one or more categories.

Investment and Asset Management
Excellence of management, sustainability, and added value achieved by the real estate operation. Innovative entrepreneurship and process industrialization. Dialogue between players
ESG - Environmental Social Governance
Environmental footprint. Impact on the project’s economic and social fabric
Innovation and Design
Architectural research and creativity. Technologically innovative and digital design
Read the regulations and the
submission guidelines
The REAL ESTATE SPECIAL CONTEST is a competition for an award promoted by THE PLAN as part of THE PLAN AWARD. The subject matter of the contest shall be real estate development projects that have either been completed, are to be completed in the future, currently under construction, or not realized
Submissions to the contest may be made by self-employed professionals and businesses connected with the realty sector, namely: real estate developers, asset management companies, real estate investors, asset management and construction consultancy firms, general contractors, and real estate advisors.

The REAL ESTATE SPECIAL CONTEST is open to national and international self-employed professionals and companies. Individual candidates and companies may submit one or more projects. All built projects submitted must have been completed after 1 January 2018.
The REAL ESTATE SPECIAL CONTEST shall accept submissions of projects completed as of 1 January 2018 (identified as Completed) and projects under construction or to be built in the future, or not realized (identified as Future).

Projects may be submitted for one or more categories.

Projects may be submitted only once for each contest category. In the event of the same project being submitted by more than one member or operative unit of the same group of professionals or businesses (for example, by a real estate developer and the general contractor), only the first submission to be made shall be considered valid.

Contest Categories:

• Excellence of management, sustainability, and added value achieved by the real estate operation
• Innovative entrepreneurship and process industrialization
• Dialogue between players

• Environmental footprint
• Impact on the project’s economic and social fabric

• Architectural research and creativity
• Technologically innovative and digital design

A winner will be declared for each Category (both Completed and Futur). The winners of the various Categories shall compete for the title of Overall Winner Completed and Overall Winner Future. The Jury is entitled to award one or more Special Mentions, should it see fit.
Registration for the contest will start on 15 January 2021. Timeframe for registration and uploading of material (files):

15 January 2021 to 31 August 2021 (included)

The organizers may, at its full discretion, extend the deadline initially indicated. A nominal fee to cover the AWARD handling and technical expenses shall be payable for every project submitted.

On completing registration, payment can then be made and the project files uploaded. Participation in the REAL ESTATE SPECIAL CONTEST is subject to completion of registration, entry and payment of the handling fee.
Participation in the REAL ESTATE SPECIAL CONTEST within the framework of THE PLAN AWARD 2021 shall be subject to payment of the registration fee. Said registration free shall be for each project submitted, regardless of the individual professional or company submitting the project. The registration fee (inclusive of VAT) per project shall be:

Regular Price:  payable for registrations made between
1 January 2021 and 31 March 2021 → 350.00 Euros

Late Price:  
for registrations made between
1 April 2021 and 31 August 2021 → 500.00 Euros
Each submission of a project to the REAL ESTATE SPECIAL CONTEST, held within the framework of THE PLAN AWARD 2021, must be accompanied by the following material (files) to be uploaded on to the website:

• A brief resumé of the professional or company making the submission (no more than 1,000 characters, including spaces) Description of the project
• Name of the project;
• Name of the design firm;
• General note and technical description (no more than 6,000 characters, including spaces);
• Sub-categories
For each submitted project it is also required to select one among the following typological sub-categories: Residential, Office, Commercial, Hospitality, Mixed use, Masterplanning
• Technical sheet indicating: location of built project, investor, developer, main contractor, completion date, built surface area, cost, project team, consultants, suppliers, photo credits;
• 10/12 images (photographs, renderings, concept and study sketches). Sizes: Long side 1,500 px. Formats: jpg, RGB, 72 dpi. All images must indicate the photo credit. They shall be considered copyright free and shall be published free of any charge exclusively on THE PLAN website and publications;
• Youtube or vimeo videos (optional)

Participants will also be required to upload the material indicated below on the website ( depending on the category for which the submission is made:

Investment and Asset Management
• Description of the operation in real estate terms, focusing on the investment carried out, facility management and the economic returns forecast and/or achieved;
• The industrialization strategy and other elements of the development process, including innovative entrepreneurial aspects;
• Best practices introduced in worksite management and supply chain relations (dialogue with the investor, tenant, general contractor, design firm, bottom-up community involvement, etc.);
• Relations with the Public Administration;
• Exit strategy approach (optional).

ESG – Environmental Social Governance
• Environmental certifications or similar credits awarded or current being assessed (BREEAM, LEED etc.);
• Life-cycle analysis, carbon management, carbon footprint, and life-cycle cost analysis;
• Energy efficiency strategies;
• Strategies to generate new value and/or improve the quality of life of the surrounding context.

Innovation and Design
• Innovative factors and architectural research;
• Innovative technological and digital features of the project.
English is the official language of the contest.
Failure to comply with the deadline for submission of the material and failure to comply with the provisions of Clause 6 shall exclude candidates from the contest selection. In the event of a candidate being excluded from the contest, the registration fee shall not be refunded. The contest organizer shall be entitled at its own discretion to extend the deadline initially indicated.
The International Jury (see Clause 11) shall proceed to assess the projects submitted in order to adjudicate the finalist projects. The list of finalists for each Category (Completed and Future) shall be communicated on the website The date scheduled for publication of the finalist projects on the website shall be announced at a later date.
The International Jury (see Clause 11) shall adjudicate the winners and any eventual Special Mentions from among the finalist projects. The winners and special mentions shall receive official notice from the 2021 THE PLAN AWARD organizers.
The International Jury comprises prominent figures in the architecture, urban planning, and investment sectors as well as key members of the academic world. Discover the Jury members of the REAL ESTATE SPECIAL CONTEST.
The Award Ceremony of the winners of THE PLAN AWARD 2021 shall take place during the 2021 Forum Perspective held at Hotel Excelsior – Venice Lido. The organizers shall be entitled at their own discretion to change the date and venue of said award ceremony.
Each winning project shall be the subject of a special promotional campaign dedicated to it, comprising:

• Publication of the project in the special paper volume on THE PLAN AWARD 2021;
• Publication of the project on THE PLAN social network channels (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin) with posts and dedicated story;
• Mailing to all international THE PLAN database addressees of a Newsletter with an account of the REAL ESTATE SPECIAL CONTEST;
• Publication of a web article on THE PLAN website;
• Creation of a video pill on the project, to be sent to the winner and used autonomously on its social media channels
In collaboration with THE PLAN Award, the IE School of Architecture and Design – based in Madrid and Segovia – offers a new opportunity to the winners of each category: a partial scholarship for its Master’s Full Time or Part Time Programs.

Master in Real Estate Development Full-Time
Global Master in Real Estate Development Part-Time

Pending admission to the master program, the scholarship grants 40% off the program’s tuition fees.
Participants shall, without prejudice to any copyright in respect of the project, however, foregoing all claims to compensation, consent to the use by Maggioli SpA of the project material received for the sole purposes of promoting and providing information on the award, the material and the projects submitted. The projects presented may also be included in one or more publications curated by the Maggioli SpA publishing house, at this latter’s exclusive discretion.
Without prejudice to copyright, participants shall allow the publishing house Maggioli SpA, without any expectation of compensation, to use the materials and works submitted, adopting any means but solely for the purposes of dissemination and for promoting THE PLAN AWARD 2021. The projects submitted might be included in one or more publications produced by the publishing house Maggioli SpA, at its own, unquestionable discretion
By submitting the documentation required to take part in the competition, AWARD participants:

• Declare, under their own personal responsibility, to be the sole copyright holder for the works or the projects submitted and undertake to hold the publishing house Maggioli SpA and the magazine THE PLAN harmless from any disputes, claims or judgements by third parties concerning the works/projects used and disseminated in the publications referred to in these rules;
• Declare that the data and declarations included herewith are truthful and submitted under their full responsibility;
• Declare to have understood and accepted all the conditions established by these rules;
• Authorize the publishing house Maggioli SpA to keep all the material submitted and not to have to return anything;
• Authorize the publishing house Maggioli SpA and the magazine THE PLAN, promoters of the AWARDS, to use and disseminate the content of the works, whether published partially or in their entirety, including for promotional reasons, citing the source but without expectation of any compensation for copyright or other rights for any reason whatsoever. I also release the publishing house Maggioli SpA and the magazine THE PLAN from any liability pertaining to any kind of involvement or issue with third parties.
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