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Young interior architects in Shanghai
Young interior architects in Shanghai
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"We spend most of our time in internal spaces. Creating a safe, healthy, ecological, comfortable and elegant internal environment is the starting point and ultimate goal of interior design. This is also the basic requirement imposed on a designer". (Chen Yi) "This discipline is perhaps the most difficult, because it is related to decoration, personal tastes, everyday objects". (Angelo Bugatti) "In general, for architects, there are still quite a lot of social and economical conditions, technological constraints, other than the restriction of contextual environment. But interior architects got more freely atmosphere for their creativity, and more tolerance for their exploration of design". (Zheng Shiling)

Title: Young interior architects in Shanghai

Author(s): Yi Chen

Publisher: Maggioli SpA

Year of publication: 06/2014

Pages: 152

Book series: Politecnica

Series: Saggi

Topic: Architettura

Language: Inglese

ISBN code: 8891604399

EAN code: 9788891604392

Yi Chen

Chen, Yi: Ph.D., Full Professor of College of Architecture & Urban Planning in Tongji University, National 1st Class Registered Architect, Member of Academic Committee of CAUP, Visiting Professor of University of Pavia, Deputy Director of the Professional Committee of Interior and Exterior Environmental Design of The Architectural Society of Shanghai, Member of Environmental Art Design Committee of China Artists Association.

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