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Urban design
Urban design
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This publication proceeds the Course of Urban Design of the second year of the Italian-Chinese Curriculum (ICC) organized by University of Pavia and Tongji University of Shanghai. The Italian-Chinese curriculum lasted two cycles since academic year 2009/2010. Actually the two universities are involved in a Double Degree in Building Engineering and Architecture. The Course of Urban Design was divided in Lessons and Laboratory and the design sites were in Savona. The course ended with a workshop in Savona, inside the University Campus. The book is divided in two main parts: the first presents Essays about the discipline of Urban Design (by Prof. Zhuang Yu), about the theme of the relation between city and University settlements (by Prof. Roberto De Lotto) and about the context with in-depth analysis regarding the territory and the city of Savona (by Eng. Cecilia Morelli di Popolo and Massimo Corsico). The second part presents the six design proposals made by 18 students divided in international mixed groups.

Title: Urban design

Author(s): Roberto De Lotto, Zhuang Yu

Publisher: Maggioli SpA

Year of publication: 09/2013

Pages: 180

Book series: Politecnica

Series: Saggi

Topic: Urbanistica

Language: Inglese

ISBN code: 8838762503

EAN code: 9788838762505

Roberto De Lotto

Zhuang Yu

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