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Tecnologia Architettura Territorio
Tecnologia Architettura Territorio
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The new Millennium defines a change in the territorial scenario. In fact it is visibly transformed for speed and density of problems, social configurations, functional relationships, spatial and morphological conformations. These changes are blurring the disciplinary boundaries, introducing other contents to face the new social, economical and environmental problems. This phase is open to unpredictable outcomes, and bears challenges and stimuli for the architectural and urban design research. The book Tecnologia Architettura Territorio argues that today urban and architectural design have not any more relations with purposes, methods and tools that governed and characterized the territorial development and settlement configuration in the recent past. Consolidated practices reveal their inappropriateness in driving the transformation of our territories and cities. The rigorous criteria of Rationalism - based on the definition of functional relations, on technical and building rules, and on the simplification of plan and project language - have been replaced by new urban design forms and methods. Predictive planning and zoning have been substituted by segmented and short-term planning, in which every intervention seems to be isolated from the overall context and lacking of a wider vision. The rules of rationalist project are not reflected in the current development and regeneration plans. Can this trend be considered as the refusal of an "outdated" order, that is disciplinary inadequate and socially obsolete? Tecnologia Architettura Territorio arises from these scenarios, documenting studies, researches and projects? carried out in the Politecnico di Milano within a fairly long term and an articulated spectrum of issues. The aim is to highlight the objectives, methods and contents of the work of a group of professors and lecturers in the area of Architectural technology, sharing the results of this complex activity with other researchers and with those who are active in training the future architects. Projects and plans are illustrated in monographic sheets and presented by three introductive contributions. The book scope is to focus on several topics: the meaning and potential of intra muros research; the new contents of architectural theory and practice; the relationship among research, education and professional activity; the role of Public administrations and private customers. These issues are intertwined and overlapped in the reading of the book. The researches reveal the need to renew the relationship between architectural/urban interventions and social context, in order to intercept the public and private demand for projects. It is necessary to go beyond the stringent disciplinary barriers and aspire at a wider integration with the economical and environmental sciences, in a cultural perspective that can develop a deeper and interstitials knowledge, also external to consolidated methods and contents. ?

Title: Tecnologia Architettura Territorio

Author(s): Fabrizio Schiaffonati, Elena Mussinelli, Andrea Tartaglia, Arturo Majocchi, Raffaella Riva, Matteo Gambaro

Publisher: Maggioli SpA

Year of publication: 12/2015

Pages: 252

Book series: Politecnica

Series: Studies and Projects

Topic: Architecture

Language: italian

ISBN code: 8891612298

EAN code: 9788891612298

Fabrizio Schiaffonati

Fabrizio Schiaffonati ?architetto, professore ordinario di Tecnologia dell'architettura. Ha diretto l'Istituto di Tecnologia, il Dipartimento di Programmazione progettazione e produzione edilizia, e il Dipartimento di Scienza e tecnologie dell'ambiente costruito del Politecnico di Milano. Ha presieduto i corsi di Laurea in Architettura e Architettura e produzione edilizia presso il Polo regionale di Mantova, e coordinato i Dottorati di ricerca in "Innovazione tecnica e progetto nell'architettura" e "Progetto e tecnologie per la valorizzazione dei beni culturali". Ha diretto ricerche e studi per conto di ministeri, istituzioni e centri di ricerca. Progettista di interventi di edilizia residenziale, ha svolto attività di coordinamento per piani e programmi complessi alla scala urbana. è autore di numerose pubblicazioni. ?

Elena Mussinelli

Elena Mussinelli, full professor in Architectural Technology at Politecnico di Milano. She has been Coordinator of the PhD program "Design and technologies for cultural heritage" since 2012 and Coordinator of the Bachelor Degree Program "Architecture and building construction" since 2011. Her research interests are in the area of process innovation, with particular regard to: enhancement of landscape and cultural and environmental heritage; interventions for the morphological, functional and technological requalification at the building and urban scales; environmental and technological design of complex settlement systems approached considering the interrelations between urban and natural components; environmental quality regulations (protection of resources, EIA, SEA, landscape insertions, environmentally-friendly technologies).

Andrea Tartaglia

Architetto, dottore di ricerca in Innovazione Tecnica e Progetto nell'Architettura (Politecnico di Milano), Master of Arts in Health Buildings: Planning, Management and Design (London South Bank University). È professore associato di Tecnologia dell'architettura al Politecnico di Milano dove svolge attività di ricerca e consulenza sui temi dell'innovazione di progetto e di processo. Con riferimento al progetto e alle opere pubbliche si segnalano i suoi testi: Project financing e Sanità. Processi, attori e strumenti nel contesto europeo (2005); Governo del territorio e strategie di valorizzazione dei beni culturali (2006); Tecnologia e progetto urbano. L'esperienza delle STU (2008); Tecnologia Architettura Territorio. Studi ricerche progetti (2015).

Arturo Majocchi

Raffaella Riva

Matteo Gambaro

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