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Title Progettare la complessità in architettura
Author(s) Mario Grosso , Marianna Nigra
Publisher Maggioli SpA
Year of publication 2019
Pages 236
Book series Politecnica
Series Technology
Topic Architecture
Language Italian
ISBN code 8891634863
EAN code 9788891634863


Questo volume affronta il tema dell'approccio sostenibile alla progettazione architettonica attraverso la presentazione di tesi di laurea, sviluppate nell'ambito del corso di laurea magistrale ?Architettura per il progetto sostenibile' del Collegio di architettura del Politecnico di Torino. La metodologia adottata è basata sui concetti di complessità del progetto e sulla declinazione di sostenibilità in ambito ambientale, sociale ed economico negli edifici. Le tesi di laurea descritte rappresentano l'occasione e l'applicazione del percorso progettuale, sia tecnologico, sia architettonico, a casi studio con diverse destinazioni d'uso e localizzazione in differenti contesti internazionali.


Mario Grosso

Mario Grosso, a former full professor of Architectural Technology at the Department of Architecture and Design (DAD), Polytechnic University of Turin, has taught, researched, and consulted for more than 40 years in the field of environmental technological design, with focus on building energy efficiency and bioclimatic systems. He was scientific responsible and coordinator of several International, European, and national research projects and he is an expert for the European Standard Committees CEN TC 350 and ISO TC59/ SC17 on the sustainability assessment of buildings. He is currently the coordinator of the working group 2 on sustainability assessment of the Building Technical Committee of the Italian standard organisation UNI. Due to his background, knowledge, and experience, he is an internationally recognised expert in the field of natural ventilation control and passive cooling systems.

Marianna Nigra

Marianna Nigra is an architect, who is undertaking in research and teaching at the Polytechnic of Turinsince 2014. She has also carried out research at The Strathclyde University, Glasgow, UK and at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, Holland. Previously, she worked in International contexts such as Spain, Thailand, and Australia. The work of Marianna Nigra is aimed at exploring the relationship between the complexity of design and the economic, environmental and social effects that projects can generate.