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Mario Bellini Disegno Architettura Design / Drawing Architecture Design
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Mario Bellini Disegno Architettura Design / Drawing Architecture Design
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Preface - Ilaria Valente

In 2018, the “Galleria del Progetto” at the School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano played host to the exhibition “Mario Bellini. Il disegno del progetto”, which formed the starting point for this work. The exhibition, illustrating Bellini’s works, presented an interesting sequence of drawings that are featured again here, paying testament not only to a sizeable corpus of projects, works, products and objects, but above all, to their conceptual path.
In his essay Architecture, Design and More, in this book, Mario Bellini starts from design, illustrating how some of his tables were conceived. An interesting journey through form, its variations and crystallisation into different projects: what emerges through the drawings and notes is his experimental path, inextricably linked to the material nature of the objects and architectures created on each occasion. The knowledge and application of geometric principles are profoundly bound to the genesis of form. There is a common thread that runs through drawing, linking the practice of architectural design, at its different scales, with industrial design in a broader sense.
This ability to present himself as the “all-rounder” architect, who “dabbles” in the design of objects and furniture - extraordinary pieces which have represented fundamental milestones in Italian design, such as the Divisumma 18 or the Praxis 35 typewriter for Olivetti, or the Le Bambole sofa, or the CAB chair - as well as complex architectures - such as the extension of Villa Erba, or the exhibition spaces and new convention centre in Portello, Milan, or his buildings in Japan - is fuelled by his profound knowledge of the figurative and plastic arts. I would also like to mention his particularly successful period as editor of Domus between 1986 and 1991. Further evidence of Mario Bellini’s multiple commitment: together with Italo Lupi, Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani and a young editorial team, starting with Ermanno Ranzani and Marco Romanelli, the magazine was able to maintain a fruitful balance of architecture, design and interior design, showcasing projects and critical texts that painted a vivid picture of the state of the art in the latter half of the 1980s, with the ability to encompass the full range of positions and experiments that - particularly in Europe in the field of architectural and urban design - were spreading with remarkable intensity.Finally, the exhibition at the Politecnico di Milano and his work in his Office, where he has been welcoming graduates and students alike for years, are yet more proof of his focus on the future, as he generously offers his fathomless experience.

Title: Mario Bellini Disegno Architettura Design / Drawing Architecture Design

Author(s): Camilla Casonato, Marco Muscogiri

Publisher: Maggioli Spa

Year of publication: 07/2021

Pages: 234

Book series: Politecnica

Series: Essay

Topic: Architecture

Language: Italian / English

ISBN code: 8891638953

EAN code: 9788891638953

Camilla Casonato
Ricercatrice presso il Dipartimento di Architettura e Studi Urbani del Politecnico di Milano, dove insegna Fondamenti e tecniche della rappresentazione architettonica. Conduce e coordina attività di ricerca nell’ambito della valorizzazione dei beni culturali diffusi e del paesaggio, con particolare attenzione alle tecnologie innovative di comunicazione e alle pratiche partecipative. È autrice di numerose pubblicazioni internazionali sulla teoria, la critica e la storia del disegno e dell’illustrazione di architettura e di paesaggio.

Marco Muscogiri
Architetto e professore associato al Dipartimento di Architettura,Ingegneria delle Costruzioni e Ambiente Costruito del Politecnico di Milano, dove insegna Disegno dell’Architettura e Tecniche della Rappresentazione. Con la società Alterstudio Partners srl di Milano ha realizzato progetti per committenti pubblici e privati e partecipato a concorsi, conseguendo premi e segnalazioni, approfondendo in special modo i temi inerenti gli spazi pubblici e i luoghi della cultura. È autore di numerosi scritti e pubblicazioni dedicati al disegno di architettura e alla progettazione dei luoghi della cultura, tra cui il volume Biblioteche. Architettura e progetto, edito da Maggioli.

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