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O-n 23 - Inoperative Scapes
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Ethnic minorities in Burma struggled against the State in order to obtain their rights on the territory, for decades. People were forced to flee from their villages to Thailand, across the border. On these territories they have been seen not as be refugees but rather as illegal immigrants, condition that led to the establishment of "temporary camps". This condition became permanent until today, where refugee camps are the result of a juxtaposition of dwellings that represent a repetitive self-aggregating and organized matrix without specific attention to the territorial configuration, with a non-vertical stratification which underlines a process of spontaneity and adaptation to a context imposed by geo-political specifications. The aim of this research is to imagine an "inoperative scape" capable of activating or deactivating its constituent elements according to new ways of use and with different finalities. This new design platform represents a flexible and non-planned aggregation of a process of interaction with the ground, seen as a "level zero" through which inoperative and techno natural devices interface within the ecological room. This is a radical figure of the Landscape Ecology that, through n-configurations, creates new scenarios of weak urbanization based on the performativity of the various ecological elements in a new infrastructural system which goes beyond camp boundaries.

O-n 23 - Inoperative Scapes
Marco Casalena
Maggioli SpA

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