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Il Paesaggio mobileLandscape in motion
Il Paesaggio mobileLandscape in motion
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Alessandra Giannini (Milan, 1976). Lives and works in Milan. Graduating in architecture he obtains a PhD in architectural and urban design at the Polytechnic of Milan. Participating to various competitions on the theme of public space, she writes on architectural magazines. She collaborates with the Politecnico of Milan as teacher and she takes part in research projects on the theme of landscape and infrastructure. Cultivates an agricultural land in Liguria she experiments permaculture. She is passionate for drawing and graphicarts and artistic tattoing. (...) the thematic essay of Alessandra Giannini, that appropriately ranks among the "founding" texts of a reflection on our relationship with space and the landscape that surrounds us, has first of all the great merit of representing a different observatory, which is not is fixed on the meaning and quality of places in their "typical" value transmitted by the story, but it focuses on the original meaning of motion, the sense of movement and crossing, without giving a right of precedence to the consolidated quality, being more open and transversal to a change, able to grasp the potential and the changing representations of motion. C. Fazzini I try to capture the mobile landscape with the camera but it escapes from me at the very moment I try to immobilize it. What I can not stop with the shoot is the dynamism of the landscape, the continuity of the elements. The mobile landscape is a fluid and dynamic whole where I can find tangible and ordering principles of the territory, it is the interaction of elements in human, cultural and natural unity that determine the variety of elements. A. Giannini

Title: Il Paesaggio mobileLandscape in motion

Author(s): Alessandra Giannini

Publisher: Maggioli SpA

Year of publication: 10/2013

Pages: 236

Book series: Politecnica

Series: Urbanistica

Topic: Architettura

Language: Italiano / Inglese

ISBN code: 8838762287

EAN code: 9788838762284

Alessandra Giannini

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