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For designers with their head beyond the clouds
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For designers with their head beyond the clouds
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Designing for Space provides the chance to go beyond the rules, as the designer's expe-rimentation breaks free from conventional reference points to take on new points of view. The ability to envisage how to live and move around confined spaces and in micro-gravity conditions - with no environmental input, privacy, possibility of using water to get washed and with objects which, after being set in place, begin to float around, not to mention both the physical and percep-tual alterations the body is subjected to - is a useful exercise in learning how to think "outside the box" and break free from the kind of constraints, which, as time passes by, diminish a designer's creative potential and prevent them from seeing the world/box in which they are emerged in a new way. Designing for Space is not so very different from designing for the Earth, provided our eyes do not lose their curiosity and we are open-minded enough to call surrounding reality into question. This book offers food for thought for designers who are concerned about the people who use certain objects and about the effects their own stylistic language will have on people.

Title: For designers with their head beyond the clouds

Author(s): Annalisa Dominoni

Publisher: Maggioli SpA

Year of publication: 04/2015

Pages: 90

Book series: Politecnica

Series: Design

Topic: Design

Language: English

ISBN code: 8891609298

EAN code: 9788891609298

Annalisa Dominoni
Annalisa Dominoni è designer e profes-sore alla Facoltà del Design del Politecnico di Milano. Ha progettato per le agenzie Spaziali disegnando oggetti che sono stati usati dagli astronauti a bordo della Stazione Spaziale Internazionale.Autrice di numerosi saggi sul design per lo Spazio ha ricevuto diversi riconoscimenti per il suo lavoro che ha contribuito ad affermare il ruolo del design nel settore aerospaziale e ambienti estremi.

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