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Esercizi Creativi di Design
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Esercizi Creativi di Design
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Creative Design Practices explores the path of creativity in order to provide a reflection on meth-odology that can be useful to designer to deal with greater awareness and determination the "creative gesture" The book is divided into two parts. The first is a theoretical reflection on the delicate role of creativ-ity in the project and how to define and "transfer" it as an added value, which is essential for inno-vation of the environmental product design in the broadest sense. The second one is illustrative and shows the results of the didactical experiences conducted by the author over the past three years at the Facoltà del Design of Politecnico di Milano, and also the methodology adopted, which focuses on "doing", through the use of physical study models in the design process. The essay is addressed to students of Design and Architecture Faculties, but also teachers and professionals interested to improve innovative design process through the creative force.

Title: Esercizi Creativi di Design

Author(s): Annalisa Dominoni

Publisher: Maggioli SpA

Year of publication: 12/2008

Pages: 135

Book series: Politecnica

Series: Design

Topic: Design

Language: italian

ISBN code: 883874324X

EAN code: 9788838743245

Annalisa Dominoni
Annalisa Dominoni è designer e profes-sore alla Facoltà del Design del Politecnico di Milano. Ha progettato per le agenzie Spaziali disegnando oggetti che sono stati usati dagli astronauti a bordo della Stazione Spaziale Internazionale.Autrice di numerosi saggi sul design per lo Spazio ha ricevuto diversi riconoscimenti per il suo lavoro che ha contribuito ad affermare il ruolo del design nel settore aerospaziale e ambienti estremi.

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