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Architettura e ambiente. Dieci Progetti 2015-2020
Architecture and Environment. Ten projects 2015-2020
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This book not only documents ten projects developed over a five-year period, on the occasion of several architecture competitions. Their conception and form cannot in fact be abstracted from the context of their production. As evidence of the complex themes emerging in contemporary territorial, environmental and architectural transformations; and also of a method to face them starting from an extensive cooperation, from the comparison between different vocations, interests and disciplinary cultures; that only an extended group is able to practice in order to overcome the authorial approach, particularly common in the field of architectural design. Another key to the book are the introductory essays: three authors, three different generations, introspections separated by time gaps of great importance in a world in such rapid change. Reflections connected by a fil rouge that reads the project in its complexity: the production of the project and of the buildings as an intrinsic category in order to dispel an involution of the profession that moves away from the specific disciplinary field. As Gregotti warns «Architecture, it is well known, is a collective art par excellence not only because it needed to discuss what Lukács called the social task, but because its long development through design and (sometimes) construction moves within a fabric of collaborative relationships: like the cinematographic work, for example. Of course there is also a strong Gropiusian ideological component in the idea of architectural work as team work»

Title: Architecture and Environment. Ten projects 2015-2020

Author(s): Fabrizio Schiaffonati, Elena Mussinelli, Giovanni Castaldo

Publisher: Maggioli SPA

Year of publication: 06/2021

Pages: 227

Book series: Politecnica

Series: E-book Open Access

Topic: Architecture

Language: Italian / English

ISBN code: 8891646705

EAN code: 9788891646705

Fabrizio Schiaffonati
Architetto, professore ordinario di Tecnologia dell’architettura. Ha insegnato al Politecnico a Milano, Mantova, Piacenza. È stato direttore di Dipartimenti e presidente di Corsi di laurea. Visiting professor all’Accademia di Mendrisio e all’Università Bocconi. È tra gli estensori del Piano di edilizia economica e popolare del Consorzio Intercomunale Milanese. Ha diretto studi e ricerche per conto di enti, ministeri e amministrazioni sulle politiche abitative e la riqualificazione urbana, documentati in Tecnologia Architettura Territorio. Il progetto della residenza sociale, a cura di R. Riva, contiene i principali scritti sulla tematica. I progetti di opere pubbliche e di edifici residenziali sono documentati in Renato Calamida, Marco Lucchini, Fabrizio Schiaffonati Architetti. È presidente dell’Associazione culturale Urban Curator TAT. 

Elena Mussinelli
Elena Mussinelli, full professor in Architectural Technology at Politecnico di Milano. She has been Coordinator of the PhD program "Design and technologies for cultural heritage" since 2012 and Coordinator of the Bachelor Degree Program "Architecture and building construction" since 2011. Her research interests are in the area of process innovation, with particular regard to: enhancement of landscape and cultural and environmental heritage; interventions for the morphological, functional and technological requalification at the building and urban scales; environmental and technological design of complex settlement systems approached considering the interrelations between urban and natural components; environmental quality regulations (protection of resources, EIA, SEA, landscape insertions, environmentally-friendly technologies).

Giovanni Castaldo
Giovanni Castaldo?Architetto, PhD in Architettura, ingegneria?delle costruzioni e ambiente costruito al?Politecnico di Milano.

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