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Private Villa

Geometries in dialogue with the landscape

ZDA Zanetti Design Architettura

Private Villa
By Francesco Pagliari -
Metra, Marazzi, Vimar have participated in the project

Milan-based studio ZDA - Zanetti Design Architettura designed this villa for an entrancing landscape: an Alpine valley near Trento, below the slopes of Monte Bondone. Within sight of many notable peaks, the home looks out over a valley floor dotted with vineyards and orchard plantations, signs of ongoing human endeavor.

The landscape’s complexity and impact were key factors in the design. To create visual connections with nature, the design viewing directions intersect the landscape’s magnificent and grand contours. Capturing the perceptual, sense-based variations of the changing days and seasons, the design also embraced ongoing historical elements in the human landscape, from buildings to cultural and monumental markers to agriculture.

Appreciation of architecture’s expressive and qualitative values is gradually strengthened through the mechanism of everyday living. Not only does this process dovetail with the landscape’s directional lines, it manifests as a confronting and proposing element, providing the core of constructive participation through geometries, materials, and colors.

The ca. 300 sq. m villa design consists of a complex geometrical volume on staggered levels, crowned by a single-pitched roof. The ground floor partially emerges from the slight incline of the terrain; the two upper floors rise in complete freedom. Protected by a canopy, the guest quarters’ entrance is connected by a stone pathway that wends its way across the plot to the villa’s southern façade. The path hugs the west-facing elevation before it reaches the steps up to the front door. The southern façade’s volumetric progression synthesizes some of the design’s key motifs, including hallmark features like projections and recesses at various levels, not to mention the dialogue between opaque and glazed portions of the external wall surfaces. Large windows look out from a sharply angled...

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