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Residence on the lake

City living in a natural setting

Trigueiros Architecture

Residence on the lake
By Caterina Testa -
Cosentino has participated in the project

Metropolitan Stockholm spans a wide area where urbanized sections alternate with forests, parks, grasslands, wetlands and lakes, a landscape that not only hosts extraordinary natural biodiversity but also allows an equally diverse range of  “city” lifestyles. 

It was for this richly articulated context that Trigueiros Architecture designed a residence on the shore of Lake Magelungen, one of the numerous bodies of water in the metropolitan area where many residents have permanent homes thanks to a widespread metropolitan infrastructure network. 

The clients are a family of four who chose one of the peninsulas reaching into the lake as the site of their home. The massing and design of the house is the result of lengthy and fruitful discussions between the architects and their clients. Architecture connoisseurs, they indicated they were particularly fascinated by American Case Study Houses of the 1950s and ’60s: simple steel-frame volumes with open-plan layouts, and large openings onto the exterior creating a continuum between inside and out. 

This, therefore, was the starting point for Trigueiros Architecture. The domestic spaces are distributed across three square volumes – one main and two smaller elements. Built with a restricted palette of materials, these three components hug the lake shoreline, effortlessly – and respectfully – slipping into their natural surroundings. The entrance to the house and the smaller volumes are placed as a function of the natural path running from the entrance through the house down to the lake – and signposted with a red carpet of Swedish ceramic bricks to create another continuum between indoors and outside. Built on the highest point of the peninsula as it slopes down into the lake, the main volume comprises two adjacent buildings forming an H that are joined by a hallway and entrance. A large patio area with an outdoor kitchen extends...

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