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N’Vitale Residence

Synergy of Art and Nature

CCY Architects

N’Vitale Residence
By Diana Carta -

Located on a 2.5-ha site near Aspen Highlands, Colorado, N’Vitale residence nestles into a forest landscape made up of three different biomes: a dense evergreen forest to the south, a Gambel oak woodland to the north, and an Aspen grove between the two. Designed by CCY Architects – already very familiar with the area having worked with several other clients in the vicinity – the house is at one with its dense natural context, as demanded by the owners. Indeed, working closely and in constant dialogue with clients is a fundamental part of CCY Architects’ creative process. 

In this particular case, another key client requirement was to ensure their world-class private art collection was an integral part of the house. The artworks have therefore been placed not only in dynamic connection with each other but also with the Roaring Fork Valley beyond the extensive glazed walls. The result is a choreographed movement through the house, each successive piece of art and the varying sightlines onto the landscape indicating the way forward. The eloquent sequence of the minimalist, floor-to-ceiling oak paneled interiors combines with different levels of light that set off the artworks to great effect. Given the site’s north-facing orientation, detailed study of the solar exposure was required to determine the floor plan configuration that would best capture the light and emphasize the sequenced progression of the art collection.
The height of the surrounding trees and the topography on the south side were also taken into account. As a result, the swimming pool was placed on the north side, contrary to usual practice. The shape and size of the roof also maximizes the amount of direct sunlight the swimming pool receives, the single-story building guaranteeing that the water is never shaded by the roof, whose winged shape allows for the insertion of a strip of south-facing clerestories between the highest roof section and the...

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