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Labs Tower

A Gentle Giant

Eraclis Papachristou Architects

Labs Tower
By Luca Maria Francesco Fabris -
Schüco, Ragno have participated in the project

Nicosia, the white city, the Sleeping Beauty of the Mediterranean, has suddenly woken up. The Cypriot capital is being thrust into the future by a series of transformations that nonetheless take into account the pace and quality of this ancient city, shaped by its long – essentially French gothic – medieval past and subsequent Venetian architecture that turned it into a fortress town. Later, urban sprawl beyond the central core produced an urban scene of indifferent quality in a city whose new, closely-packed quarters, although politically belonging to one of two factions, resemble each other as they push their way up the slopes of the hills around the city. 

A medley of university campuses and residences extend into the parched yet beautiful countryside of this very European island, forever an outpost, and as such, a place where cultures have always met and mingled. In recent decades, Cyprus – now firmly part of the European Union and Eurozone – has once again become a laboratory, reinventing itself not only through tourism and education, welcoming the already-mentioned plethora of universities, but also by becoming part of the net-economy, providing a range of online – and hence borderless – business and banking services. Architecturally, this has triggered a redefining of urban spaces and the building of a spate of tall buildings, physical testimonies to the ongoing social changes taking place that, while in part self-celebratory, are also reinventing the city as a vibrant energized organism in the process of developing new ganglia. Nicosia, a beautiful ancient city, is also a place where the new soaring high rises never sleep. Sentinels watching over the community’s well-being, these new towers stand like those of San Gimignano, hosting business but also social activities, and, of course, offering sweeping views over the city to occupants gathered to enjoy a cocktail in the large loft on the...

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