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“Field House” Multifunctional Pavilion

Flexible Community Space


“Field House” Multifunctional Pavilion
By Diana Carta -

Designed by American firm Brooks + Scarpa, the Youth Sports Complex signaled the regeneration of a large 4-ha area in downtown Pompano Beach, Florida. Standing in the center of the plot, the sports facility is a hinge between the new soccer fields to the east and Centennial Park to the west. Its parking lot serves both the new sports facilities and the Sample-McDouglas House Museum, on the other side of NE Fifth Avenue – a 1916 Georgian-style colonial mansion that was moved along with its numerous activities to its 2-ha grounds in 2001. After a pavilion, also by Brooks + Scarpa, was erected close to the museum, it was decided that the new Youth Sports Complex would be built to further extend Centennial Park’s facilities.

Located in the middle of an area hosting large-scale sports events and tournaments for up to 1,000 people, this distinctive new building, known as the Field House, is a key landmark.
The materials, colors and spatial layout clearly indicate its multifunctional character housing offices, storage and restrooms. The building is characterized by a series of different, distinctly styled, porticos providing sheltered outdoor space for athletes or spectators as required. Each side of the reinforced-concrete envelope has been molded into a series of sculptured elevations that give the building a lighthearted feel.

Padiglione polivalente “Field House” Courtesy of Brooks + Scarpa

The sinuous metal grid shielding the north elevation displays the YSC sign, visible day and night from 10th Street thanks to a special lighting system. “The south, east and west façades” – as Jeffrey Huber, an architect at Brooks + Scarpa points out – “are shaped to recall the letters Y, S and C, a playful reminder of the YSC sign and the building’s public program”. Huber also notes...

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