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“Atmosphere by Krallerhof” Spa and Wellness Area

A Bridge to the Future

Hadi Teherani Architects

“Atmosphere by Krallerhof” Spa and Wellness Area
By Elisa Grossi -
Technoalpin, dormakaba have participated in the project

The energy released by mountains shaped over millions of years pervades the spa designed by Hadi Teherani Architects for the Krallerhof Hotel in Leogang, in the Austrian region of Salzburg. Winner of an international design competition, the concept by the Hamburg-based firm introduces courageously innovative architecture into this Alpine environment, breaking with local tradition to look to the future while still allowing the beauty of the natural landscape to remain the key feature. An extension of the existing hotel, the spa and wellness area was inaugurated last summer. Both archetypal and futuristic, this perfectly curved structure is devoid of any right angles. Rising in perfect continuity with the green lawns on the side and the body of water in front, the structure sits naturally against the backdrop of the Leoganger Steinberge mountain range and the Steinernes Meer plateau.

Founded in 1956, the Krallerhof Hotel is a five-star family business, now run by the fourth Altenberger generation. From the outset, its offering has always been a holiday immersed in nature, and the “Atmosphere by Krallerhof” spa continues in the same vein, designed as a retreat nestled in the Austrian Alps where guests can bask in the rejuvenating power of the mountains. Topped by a green roof along which runs a stepped walkway leading to a small zen garden, the building seems to have been there forever, an integral part of a landscape whose appearance changes with the time of day, weather conditions and seasons.

Spa e centro benessere “Atmosphere by Krallerhof” © HGEsch, courtesy of Krallerhof

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