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Queen Silvia Concert Hall

The Music of Architecture and Spatial Harmony

ARKPABI - Giorgio Palù e Michele Bianchi architetti

Queen Silvia Concert Hall
By Francesco Pagliari -

Inaugurated on 7 June 2022, Stockholm’s Queen Silvia Concert Hall exhibits an extraordinary range of architectural solutions that together create a multipurpose system that meets the requirements not only of the many facets of musical expression and the performing arts, but also the learning approach of past, present and future educational projects of the Lilla Akademien – Stockholm’s music school where much emphasis is placed on the close interconnection at all levels between learning and the world of performance.
The Concert Hall is housed in an austere late 19th-century building comprising several symmetrical blocks, their exposed brick façade pierced by large windows and topped by an ornate entablature. Originally built as a charitable institution, it became a hospital during the 20th century, over the years dedicated to different branches of medicine, to be finally turned, only fairly recently, into an educational and cultural center.
The connection between learning and practice is clearly revealed by the juxtaposition of the concert hall – the place where music is publicly performed – and the smaller adjacent creative-learning rooms in the two blocks flanking the concert hall. A distribution circuit of stairs and elevators further enhances the inextricable link between experimental learning and the world of musical performance before an audience.
Architecturally, the overall configuration and colors of the concert hall clearly seek to create a connection between performers and spectators that goes beyond the traditional roles of “active” performers and “passive” recipients. The natural light streaming in from the huge windows creates a clear visual connection with the exterior, highlighting even further the architectural prowess of the interior. Connection with the outside world is also underlined by the concert hall’s multimedia hyperconnectivity that enables the music...

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