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Asian Games Park

A Green Legacy for the City

Archi-Tectonics NYC

Asian Games Park
By Francesco Pagliari -

Winner of an invitation-only international competition, this complex and articulated design has identified and created a truly and tangibly multifunctional urban venue, promoting its wider use and bringing the city positive values. The design is for a venue whose use and beauty will evolve going forward, beyond its initial purpose for the 2022 Asian Games. Leveraging its constitutive mass, the design’s architectural elements order the space and our perceptions in a large, 47-ha urban park. Two stadiums dedicated initially to sports events and competition form the twin poles of the design: one, an architectural gem that beams out the great refinement with which it was conceived, is for table tennis competitions; the other is laid out for field hockey competitions, its structure bridging the open-air competition pitch and the park.

The urban park is an ensemble of connecting relationships, combining multiple community value functions with scope for individuals’ experience. A system with iterable potential, it offers the chance to imagine a distinct and “separate” place in which natural elements and abundant urban functions merge together on this artificially undulating plot of land, in stark contrast to the surrounding ranks of tall skyscrapers.

The twin stadiums effectively embrace the park’s composite fabric at either end of the longitudinally-extended park. Water features lap against the table tennis competition stadium, its stunning architecture seductively reflected and doubled on the water’s surface. This vibrating jewel is spawned by the components of light and matter melding together in the basin of water that runs longitudinally throughout the park. Arboreal vegetation in points and clusters is flanked by areas of lawn and floral vegetation to form a sense-triggering sequence of colors. The park is a practical expression of the ecological impetus for wetland preservation, deploying balanced...

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