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The Plan 130 [05-2021]

Jeanne Gang | Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects - LOHA | NADAAA | Bidard & Raissi | John McAslan + Partners | Takeshi Hirobe Architects | Francesco Pascali | dell’agnolo kelderer architekturbüro | AREA | ML Architettura | Golden Goose

This issue opens with an Editorial Critique by Jeanne Gang about the need to reassess brutalist architecture, partly because it’s frequently the environmentally responsible thing to do. In Highlights, Michael Webb explores the close relationship between architecture and community through the lens of the 1500 Granville project in Los Angeles by LOHA (Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects). NADAAA collaborated with Bidard & Raissi to design a residence that features several interrelating faces within a whole that combines visions of inviting familiarity with real and abstract monumentality. Innovation in healthcare is the cornerstone of John McAslan + Partners’ design of the Health Innovation Hub at Lancaster University. Takeshi Hirobe Architects is behind the Phase Dance residence in Shizuoka, Japan. This project strikes a novel balance between the natural and artificial, the result is a design that pays homage to the flows of nature. When working on Villa Ca’ Gioia, Francesco Pascali Architetto examined both history and the local area. Created by dell’agnolo kelderer architekturbüro, the Cantina Bolzano winery could be summed up as a cube in the middle of an oval-shaped plaza. AREA (Architecture Research Athens) has reinvented the vacation home with a design intended to offer leisure time perfection. ML Architettura designed the new headquarters of Golden Goose, a kind of architectural metamorphosis, the project has cleverly capitalized on the structural possibilities of two existing warehouses, transforming them into a work of contemporary architecture.

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