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“Estoa”: A New Entrance to the Udem University Campus

The Singular and the Plural

Tatiana Bilbao

All architecture is in some sense a system. Some works of architecture are singular objects: perfectly formed and resolved; isolated, perhaps, or insulated from everyday life; “the tomb and the monument” as indicated by Adolf Loos a century or more ago.
Other works of architecture are plural: assembled from multiple parts; able to incorporate diverse agendas; open-ended to accommodate mutating context and program.

The architecture of Tatiana Bilbao operates in a fertile territory between these poles of the singular and the plural. As with certain projects, Bilbao can privilege a big geometric move as a signifier of centrality and architectural ambition. In other cases, such as Casa Ventura on the hills above Monterrey (THE PLAN 067), a flexible module expands and contracts empirically, a cellular organism with spatial and material...

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