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Torre Littoria Residences

An Unexpected View Over the City

Benedetto Camerana (Camerana&Partners)

The Reale Mutua Tower rises in the midst of the rigid orthogonal grid that encloses the predominantly Baroque historic center of Turin, northwest Italy. Towering over the central Piazza Castello, Torre Littoria - as it was then called - was designed by Antonio Melis and built in 1934 to house offices and private apartments, in its day arousing as much heated debate as would the much later interventions by Massimiliano Fuksas and Renzo Piano.

Clearly referencing Italian Rationalism and German Expressionism, the 19-story tower was conceived as a symbol of technological innovation, the ideological counterpart to the city’s symbolic
19th Century monumental brick tower, Mole Antonelliana. For years its original program remained unchanged until the owner, insurance company Reale Mutua, started thinking about possible future use, carrying out several...

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