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Imperial Kiln Museum

A Timeless Monument

Zhu Pei

Located in the typical landscape of southern China full of water and mountains, the ancient town of Jingdezhen was for centuries the center of exquisite porcelain manufacturing; from the Song and Yuan era through to the Ming and Qing dynasties. Excavation works during the city’s urban development in the last 20 years brought to light many vestiges of this ancient tradition. Today, molds, glazes, varnishes and kiln firing are still part of people’s everyday life in Jingdezhen; a mind space as they think back to how they would occupy the abandoned kilns or keep warm sitting close to the hot kiln bricks. The craftsmen who built the last kilns by hand are still here, waiting to pass on their knowledge, even if there is little likelihood of this happening.

But the grand opening of the Jingdezhen Imperial Kiln Museum is a signal of hope. Designed by Studio Zhu-Pei and...

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