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Humanities Pole, University of Padua

Urban Relations and Contemporary Functions

Studio Architetto Mar | Pool Engineering | Galeazzo Architetti Associati

The new Humanities Pole of the University of Padua, northeast Italy, is strategically placed in a complex originally built at the beginning of the 16th Century as a convent outside the old city walls. Annexed to its church, the original convent featured various intricate connections and pathways through a series of cloisters and enclosed courtyards. Down the centuries, buildings and extensions were added as the place was put to different uses.

The 19th Century saw a radical change with its transformation into a hospital and hospice for the chronically and terminally ill, especially of society’s needy. Extensions and modernization continued from the 1880s up to the mid 20th Century. Elevations were redesigned to meet the 19th Century tendency to uniformity; buildings were demolished, sections rebuilt and new wings added. The...

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