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ENI Headquarters

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ENI Headquarters

The buildings of the new headquarters of ENI - a multinational oil and gas company specializing in prospecting, extracting, refining, and distribution, and with interests in other industrial sectors - complete the “Europarco” section of Rome’s EUR district, characterized by large commercial, administrative and corporate complexes.

Of notable size, the ENI buildings stand close to the landmark tower occupied by metropolitan Rome’s administrative offices, the construction that set the contemporary tone for the whole area. Placed at divergent angles, the two independent buildings form the physical and visual confines of the eastern edge of the district. Articulated shapes and elevations create a lively dynamic across the whole complex, the different geometric lines and patterns also reflecting the different functional sections of the main office block. The complex is surrounded and connected by broad stone-paved pedestrian areas interspersed by grassy stretches - some planted with clumps of trees -, small reflective pools and a large paved inner court giving access to several different entrances. Placing all vehicle parking, mechanicals and auxiliary plant underground heightens the sense of this inner area as a huge public square, a central urban element surrounded by different architectural volumes existing in relationship to each other.

On both building elevations, the linear sequence of geometric patterns mirrors the function assigned to the spaces behind. Linearity is also the key characteristic of the upper floor interiors where a central distribution corridor leads to a series of offices interspersed by auxiliary services, restrooms, staircases and elevator landings. Layout variety is an inherent characteristic of the whole complex.

The floors above the first office levels present different spatial distribution; the ground floor of the west building is divided into two zones by a huge double-height main...

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