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The Plan 125 [10-2020]

Tatiana Bilbao | Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia | MOS | PARTISANS | Eduardo Castillo | Studio Transit | MYGG | Ignazio Lo Manto | Santiago Valdivieso | Stefano Rolla

Issue 125 begins with an editorial entitled “Living Together,” in which Tatiana Bilbao talks about her experience with designing social housing and the problems stemming from uncontrolled urbanization. In Viaggio in Italia, Valerio Paolo Mosco takes a look at Atelier(s) Alfonso Femia AF517, revealing architecture that reinvents reality as poetry. In Letter from America, Studio MOS presents an example of domestic surrealism, while Eduardo Castillio exemplifies the aesthetic concept of wabi in a timber house distinguished by both its craft and intellectual nature. Ignazio Lo Manto showcases a project that combines the essential simplicity of shapes with measurement, precision, technique, rigor, and a careful study of light. Santiago Valdivieso and Stefano Rolla have designed a modular structure that specifically responds to the needs of both its setting and its occupants. MYGG Studio offers an example of timeless architecture, in the form of a rectangular prism that draws in the spiritual energy of its site and creates a portal to it. Studio Transit melds rationality and expression in its manipulation of elevations and volumes to create a complex marked by its high dynamism. In the Interior column, the restaurant is the scene and the diners are the actors, while, from the street, we can watch the spectacle of the new architecture being created by Studio Partisans.

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