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From the Garden House

Designing from the Outside Inwards

Robert Konieczny KWK Promes

Robert Konieczny’s “From the Garden House” is located in Łąka, a word that means “meadow” in Polish because of the precise location of the residence being confidential. As the name of the house implies, this unusual project actually began with a garden created by the client beginning in 2009 on a 2.5-ha site. A Japanese garden designer who spoke little or no English was told only to leave space for a large house. Robert Konieczny recalls, “For me, it was shocking that I could not communicate with this designer in any way. But after a while I said, ok, I have to accept it in the same way we accept a natural setting, where we have no influence and have to adapt to what exists. Of course, it was not easy for me and at the beginning I did attempt to talk to the garden designer, but we could not communicate”. After early conversations with the client beginning in 2008, Konieczny started the project in 2011, only to have the process held up because of uncertainty about a nearby ring road development. The construction of the house, which was completed in early 2020 took four years, but the delays permitted the garden to grow in, just as the client had hoped. Robert Konieczny explains that the rather long construction period can be attributed to the client, “Who did not hurry the builders, as he wanted the best quality possible, and he really received it”.

The extent of the relation of the project to the garden goes beyond a formal desire to occupy the designated plot. The design itself is influenced not only by the landscaped areas, but also by the habits and interests of the client. The architect explains, “The client, who is a nature lover, changed a fallow site into a beautiful green oasis with a lake and stone-paved road, softly leading to the place where the house was supposed to be built. The curving path, where he liked to walk,...

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