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Family Space in Punta Chilén

A House on Stilts Between the Ocean and the Andes

Guillermo Acuña Arquitectos Asociados

Located on the Chiloé Island just off the southern Chilean coast, this wooden construction lies perpendicular to the seashore, reaching out towards the ocean and offering views across to the imposing volcanic Andean mountain range stretching along the mainland coast. Picking up on vernacular building and social traditions, the palafitte construction is also an example of alternative “exploratory” tourism, proposing a retreat offering a lifestyle in total contrast to cosmopolitan living. The building’s spaces are for communal gatherings, a place in which to converse, cook and relax in convivial harmony in close yet sheltered contact with the ebb and flow of the ocean tides and in full view of the immense Andean range on the horizon.

Built on Punta Chilén, a strip of land reaching out to the sea, the red building appears as an unexpected...

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