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A Timber Platform in its Natural Setting

Christoff:Finio Architecture

America settentrionale | Shelter Island

When I connected to the Zoom room for my interview with Christoff:Finio Architecture, I was met by the smiling face of Martin Finio in his New York kitchen - a sleek linear environment animated by a sculpture of yellow lemons. The work styles imposed by Covid-19 in both Milan and New York allow us to get a glimpse of each other’s domestic spaces, revealing a side of people we would otherwise not know. What comes across from the faces and home of Martin and Taryn is a sense of calm and ease - something we unfortunately do not have in our own cities.

Husband and wife Martin Finio and Taryn Christoff founded the firm Christoff:Finio Architecture in 1999, pooling their skills and a shared professional and intellectual vision grounded in the idea that buildings and environments must lend significance to their locations.

Working across-the-board on a range of...

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