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The Need for Awe

Nemesi & Partners

There was a time when Rome seemed to be stirring to life. It was at the end of the 1990s, the millennium Jubilee was just round the corner. Our capital city had received funds, projects had been approved, and worksites were underway. Without daring to admit it, people had begun to think that maybe the city was shaking off the indolence it had been shrouded in for centuries. Movies, art and architecture no longer looked to the historic city but turned to the peripheral areas where a patchwork of juxtaposed fragments and leftovers was held together in a landscape that had magically kept its fascination, even at time its tender beauty.

The periphery no longer looked longingly back to its magnificent center but rather to international modernity, even in its most extreme, expressive forms. Home from France after many years, Massimiliano Fuksas became the catalyst for strident,...

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