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Office, Residential and Exhibition Complex

A Second Skin for a Dynamic Adaptive Reuse Project

BCHO Architects

The metropolitan area of Seoul is made up of a huge network of minor centers that sprung up, often in parallel, to create the South Korean capital we know today. Seongnam is one of the main cities of the Seoul Capital Area, and Bundang-gu - extending prevalently along the river and the north-south axis of the major infrastructure -
is one of its wealthiest districts, boasting quality houses and the offices of Korea’s main IT companies.

Branching off perpendicularly from this linear urban fabric are minor districts squeezed between narrow valleys that lead up to the region’s still unspoiled slopes. Geumgok-dong is one such district. Turning off from the busy arterial road running southward from Seoul into one of these valley formations, the streetscape is initially a series of two/three story buildings that then give way to detached houses in ample...

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