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Lingyin Teahouse and Guest House

A Contemporary Take on Ritual and Tradition

Amateur Architecture

Just before and after the Ching Ming Festival, is the best time to produce one of the best green teas in China: Hangzhou Longjing. The gentle rains during this season make Hangzhou resemble an ink painting. In the city’s most famous temple, the Lingyin, a tea room and guest house complex in a modest contemporary garden was finally completed after several years of design and construction.

The architect of this small garden, Wang Shu, had the idea of a small complex combining a tea, guest house and garden while enjoying tea and chatting with the monks of the Lingyin Temple. Of course, the monks first had to accept that the architect would not copy traditional Chinese styles, but adopt a contemporary language that they might not fully understand.

For Wang Shu, the contemporary and...

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