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Funerary Chapel “Capela de Luz Eterna”

The Precious Gift of Light

Bernardo Rodrigues | Laura von Dellemann

We traveled to the Azores Islands on a late January day. This is the time of the year when the islands, four hours flight from Boston and two hours from Porto, are well lit by the southern sun and frequently washed by showers of rain that bring the contrast between the rich lush green botany and the shimmering light coming off the dark lava rocks and earth into a dramatic contrast.

Ponta Garça, on São Miguel Island, is a modest village on the higher ground, away from the sea, which can be seen below but not heard. The Capela de Luz Eterna (Chapel of Eternal Light) is situated in the midst of a newly developed part of the village, which includes a school, on the slope facing the sea. The entry to the Capela de Luz Eterna is on the north side of the upside down pyramid. As soon as one enters, one is struck by the quality of light in the interior. By framing the...

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