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Standing Out and Fitting In

Renovation and Expansion of Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art

Sparano + Mooney Architecture

Salt Lake City is the product of an exodus. In 1847, polygamous Mormons trekked west across the US to escape persecution and founded a new settlement in the valley between the Great Salt Lake and the Wasatch Mountains. They built a temple and laid out a grid of wide city streets - an ambitious urban plan that would later become the state capital of Utah. The city sprawls across the valley but it remains a spectacular location where one can live in a wilderness setting and drive 15 minutes to a downtown office.

That was the draw for John Sparano and Anne Mooney, a husband-wife partnership who launched their architectural practice in Los Angeles in 1997 and then moved north. Though they still maintain an office in LA, Salt Lake City has become their principal field of activity. Working with a team of eight younger colleagues, they have designed a dozen houses, an arts...

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